What makes Sri Lanka unique?

What makes Sri Lanka unique? Because in Sri Lanka you will realize your dreams of a super holiday: very friendly people, a rich history, many ancient cultures, beautiful temples, tea plantations, jungles with elephants and leopards, good food and gorgeous beaches! And this all within easy travelling distances. Sri Lanka will surprise you and steal your heart!

  1. Sri Lanka has everything: the most beautiful beaches, jungles, mountains, rivers, lakes and forests.
  2. No mass tourism, therefore a large degree of authenticity and unspoiled nature;
  3. The beautiful green landscapes of paddy fields, tea and palm plantations.
  4. The Indian Ocean, coral reefs, lagoons and waterfalls. The opportunity to surf, dive or snorkel.
  5. Rich flora and fauna: extraordinary wildlife, elephants, leopards, crocs, etc .
  6. Sri Lanka is the ideal place to enjoy safari’s, bird watching, whale-dolphin- turtle watching.
  7. Beautiful mountains and hills in the centre of the country. Excellent opportunities to play golf, or go hiking.
  8. By the Sri Lankan driver/guide who will accompany,  you will be close to the people of Sri Lanka and have the privilege of getting to know them,  very friendly and hospitable people, mostly English speaking.
  9. Excellent mix of Culture (Unesco World Heritage sites), Nature (22 National Parks) and Adventure (elephant rides).
  10.  Sri Lanka is about the same size as the Netherlands and Belgium together and is, therefore, very suitable for round trips. Relatively within short travel distances.  Do some of the amazing train routes.
  11. A unique tropical climate, usually max. 30 degrees, with a gentle breeze from the sea; ideal destination to go to during our cold European winter. (overwintering)
  12. Enjoy wellness: relaxing ayurvedic massages, very affordable, as is Yoga lessons/meditation
  13. Rich in delicious and world famous Ceylon tea’s, herbs and not to forget the gems including sapphires and rubies that are found in Sri Lanka and processed into beautifully designed jewellery;
  14. Multi-religious: Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians live together in harmony.
  15. Rich historical and colonial past such as Portuguese, Dutch (VOC) and British influences;
  16. Excellent varied food, Sri Lankan, western and eastern kitchen; delicious tropical sun-ripened fruit;
  17.  An ideal combination: a roundtrip in Sri Lanka and some days extension in the Maldives. We can arrange for you!
  18. Good infrastructure for cars, trains, and planes.
  19. Good  international connections, only 10 hours flying with usually a short half way stopover, in (Dubai . An opportunity to stretch your legs and see this interesting airport.
  20. No need  for malaria pills!
  21.  Sri Lanka is included in Travel +Leisure’s list of the world’s top 25 best isles.  

These are only a few of the reasons to choose for Sri Lanka. There are definitely more. Most important: Sri Lanka is a “dream” destination for an unforgettable holiday! And last, but not least, because Aart & Yvonne can assist you to realize your dream holidays!

Why with Aart & Yvonne ?

We work as volunteers

We work free of charge, as volunteers. The benefits from the tours go straight to Sri Lanka and are used to support the people there. Your holiday in Sri Lanka helps us to help them!

Individual Tours

We offer individual tours, travelling, arriving and leaving any time that suits you; connecting your tour seamlessly to your flight schedule. Your tour will definitely take place and never be cancelled due to  too less participants.

Standard or Tailormade Tours

You can choose between standard or tailor-made tours, we work via email and with a personal touch, always responding quickly;  we will help you with innovative, creative and inventive ideas,  organise your tour with great care and attention. All of our tours are based on our personal experiences in Sri Lanka.  There is always a feedback with our clients after they have returned home. We, as well as our Sri Lankan partner, continuously work on the quality of our tours;

Fully prepared for your Sri Lankan stay

After you have booked, you will be fully provided by us with all the necessary information to prepare for your tour and Sri Lankan stay; we will answer all of your questions.

A many years’ cooperation and experience

We have many years of excellent cooperation and experience with our professional and internationally operating partner in Colombo, affiliated with SLTB (Sri Lanka Tourist Board), who supports us and organizes the execution of the tours on site. Our business partner has available some 30 selected, reliable and experienced  English speaking drivers/guides  (on request also Dutch, German, French or Italian speaking driver/guides are available) and a high quality fleet of cars, vans and buses. By this direct cooperation, short lines,  we are able to offer a competitive price/quality;

Professional Organisation

This cooperation means for you that- while travelling in Sri Lanka- a professional organisation stands behind you which can, if necessary, provide you with ‘on the spot’ assistance. Also driver/guide and car during your roundtrip are guarantied.

Non binding travel proposal

Regarding the arranging of tailor made tours: in consultation with you, we will arrange and send you a non-binding travel proposal, in which your wishes are adopted and in which we accomplish the  -for you-   most ideal mix of culture/nature and adventure. After receival of our proposal – if you wish-  you may still make changes to the itinerary or send us your comments; We’ll adjust and after that  you will receive our price offer. Over many years, this has proved to be an excellent working method, valued by our clients; (see “our working” method) link

For our Belgian clients good to know

Our Belgian clients will be happy to know that we -besides guests from all over Europe- have many compatriots among our clients.  Since Holland and Belgian have a shared history you will find, in Sri Lanka, shared Dutch/Belgian history and heritages;

Compared with regular travel agencies

We have a particularly customer-friendly payment plan compared to the regular travel agencies;

Special offers

You will find on our site – among other things- our ever popular special offer, the 15-days complete guided tour (individual), an exciting and varied journey which brings you to almost all of the highlights in Sri Lanka. In our program you will find  a unique golfing arrangement to attach to your roundtrip. Also very interesting  (in particular for those who already did the 15-days tour) is our 14-days V.O.C. /Nature trip including visit to the Northern part of Sri Lanka, Jaffna peninsula and Jaffna.  This area was  after the ending of the Civil war in 2009 released for tourism.  The historical features in this journey and the breathtaking nature will surprise you. Please also look at our unique overwintering holiday. very interesting now energyprices are high. In addition, we can arrange any tour you wish (birdwatching/honeymoon/ incentives/ anniversary/ Ayurveda/ overwintering, etc.)

The only thing that is left for you to do is to book your flight tickets; we can advise you on request.

Please do not hesitate to email us any questions you might  have, we will be happy to answer them. Sri Lanka, this Paradise Island, will steal your heart!