The Mountains of the Knuckles Mountain Range are situated in central Sri Lanka,30 km north of Kandy. The range takes its name from a series of peaks in the west of the massif which resemble the knuckles of clenched fist when viewed from certain points. The Knuckles Range has a place on the list of Unesco World’s Heritages.

In this beautiful mountains region is -on a 100 meters altitude- beautifully situated on a tea plantation-on a luxurious Eco-resort.  A stay in this lovely place is like „Heaven on Earth“.
The main building in which the restaurant is located,   is an original planters house, tastefully renovated. On the tea plantation around  you can find a number of luxury safari- tents, provided with all comforts and a delightful terrace with wonderful view on the Knuckles Range.

The area is ideal for hiking, there are shorter or longer routes available, eventually with guidance. For example, there is the lovely walk to Little world’s End, about 2.5 hours, not too heavy.

For bird lovers there are many species of birds to see. Or take cooking classes with the cooks to learn the details of the Sri Lankan kitchen, the rice and curries.

Stay for some days in this lovely nature resort. Wake up with the singing of the birds, open up your tent and enjoy the most spectacular views that you can imagine: incredible sunrises,  the majestic mountains, the lush green valleys and tea plantations, crystal clear streams and even occasionally a deer or giant-squirrel. Take a deep breath the fresh mountain air and pinch yourself to make sure you don’t dream…….

The ultimate relaxing: the tranquility, the delicious food, beautiful scenery, the hiking, the fantastic infinity pool, the unforgettable view of the mountains and not to forget the warm hospitality of the owners will make your stay like a „Heaven on earth”

A good possibility is to add a some days’ stay in this delightful resort to your roundtrip in Sri Lanka.

For honeymooners, this resort features a unique luxury honeymoon suite.

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