How is Sri Lanka doing? Can you travel there again? That’s a question we’ve been asked many times lately. Below is our  info about that.

After a period of uncertainty there is peace again on the political level. Normal daily life is returning for the population. That is not to say that Sri Lanka is now out of the  (financial) problems. However, the country is supported by the help of IMF and of of the neighbouring India(financial) The energy and petrol supply has started up again.

Tourism in Sri Lanka  suffered serious damage due to 2 years of Covid and the political unrest afterwards. Many people in Sri Lanka are employed in or for tourism and have no income at the moment. After all, there is no governmental support for them – as in Western countries. A difficult time for many people.

For Sri Lanka it is very important that tourism comes back again.  After all, tourists bring currency with them, a necessity to revive tourism/economy. Now that Sri Lanka is open for tourism again – all restrictions have been lifted – it is a good time to travel to this paradise island. It is still quiet now. if you travel now, you will not only have a great time, but you will also help Sri Lanka get back on its feet again.  In addition, in this time of high energy prices, it is a good idea to travel to the warm sun. The people of Sri Lanka are looking forward to welcome you.

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