„How is Sri Lanka doing in this Corona-period?” we are often asked. Sri Lanka has a relatively small Covid infection, however the borders have been closed now for a year. Recently reopened with conditions and quarantine measures. Trials  with Corona-free hotels are being carried out.  Flights are still very limited. Tourism has been at a standstill ever since March last year. In Sri Lanka, which is largely dependent on tourism, people suffer mainly because they no longer have an income. As in our Western countries, there is no government support. Many therefore have chosen a different profession to get income. We are in good contact with our friends and relations in Sri Lanka and help them where necessary and as far as possible. We hope with the global vaccination that now has started, that better times will soon come for tourism and Sri Lanka. We cannot wait to resuming our work, planning dream trips to Sri Lanka & the Maldives.  Sri Lanka, and the Maldives look forward to welcoming you again.

Wintering in Sri Lanka: a winter journey in a paradise

When you are considering to leave the cold grey winter in Europe and looking for a  good destination,  we have a unique offer for you: an wintering in the beautiful and exotic Sri Lanka. In our cold winter months in Sri Lanka it is wonderfully sunny and warm, usually 28-30 degrees with a breeze from the sea. An ideal place to stay.

After investigating the current offer of the usual European wintering locations, we saw that this often involves a somewhat boring long-term stay in remote spot, while the climate/weather is sometimes only moderate.

Much different from these wintering places, we have arranged a wintering journey that is far from boring and where you are assured of a wonderful climate.

The journey we offer is  (from) 22 days on 3 different – specially selected for you-  beautiful beach location’s on the south/southwest coast of Sri Lanka, in cosy little towns. You can enjoy sun, sea and beach, incl. swimming pool,  you will be spoiled by the chefs and the friendly staff. Transport between the hotels as well as the transfers from/to airport are included.  You will be staying on a half-board basis. The tour is attractively priced.

If wished so, it is possible -in advance and in consultation with us-  to make a choice  from any location from interesting (optional) excursions, so that

-besides the delightful tranquility on the beach- you can also choose to enjoy activities and visit Sri Lanka’s beautiful highlights (culture and Nature).

Possible is to combine the winter-trip with e.g. our 15-days tour, or extend with e.g. a 4 or 5-day package to the Maldives -only over an hour flying from Colombo-  and with a so-called “stopover” flight ticket the Maldives can be included in the tour. (See also our blog and video on Maldives)

In short, a unique wintering with a choice of variety,  an unforgettable winter journey. In “Our Tours” you will find more information about this winter tour. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly answer your questions and advice you.


Maldives: dream holidays on an paradise isle

About 1.5 hours from the beautiful Sri Lanka, where the Indian Ocean changes from deep blue to turquoise  the archipelago of the Maldives are located, one of the most heavenly places on earth. On these islands/atolls are the most fantastic tourist resorts/resorts that you can imagine, dream destinations, therefore also ideal for honeymooners.

Dazzling white sandy beaches and an ever-Blue Ocean, the unsurpassed splendour of colours of the underwater world, the resorts where you will be immersed in luxury, the friendly service of the staff, this all guarantees a super holiday.

The tasty food in the restaurant, relaxing with  a cocktail on a sun bed, snorkeling or diving in the beautiful underwater world, or enjoying a stunning sunset, not to forget a visit to the spa for a delicious ayurvedic body massage. Here you are far away from the hectic world in the west, the optimal relaxation. You can choose from a “beach villa” or upgrade to a “water villa”. In addition to snorkeling and scuba diving are also popular: surfing, catamaran sailing, parasailing, sea kayaking, water skiing and Jet skiing. And not to forget: fishing!

In the beautiful underwater world are living  about 2000 species of colorful fish, including the largest rays species, the mantra.

For the Maldives, we work together with, among others, the well-known Aadaran-company, a chain of very luxury hotels/resorts.  A holiday in the Maldives is a wonderful experience in itself, however, what we also like to mention as a travel-idea is to combine the Maldives stay with a roundtrip in  Sri  Lanka, the best of two worlds, a dream combination. This is possible with a so-called “stopover”, a flight- ticket with hardly any additional costs, while all transfers both in Sri Lanka and the Maldives  are cared for by us.

Do not hesitate, ask us for more information and a price quote. We will be happy to arrange your dream holidays!

See for an impression of one of our Maldives resorts the movie under “videos”.